Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Roundup

These guys sit in my windowsill and every time I look at them, I crack a little smile remembering all those Peanut's shows.   I love the Christmas one, but I think the Halloween is my favorite, although the Thanksgiving one is pretty funny in a poignant sort of way.

No, I didn't begin sorting the pictures.   Nor, did I copy any to import into the computer.   I played in my studio.   Just had some fun.   I was watching one of the early Quilting Arts TV Shows...this one was making paper fabric, so I thought I would give it a try.

The basic resources are muslin, some craft paper including tissue paper  (I used all craft tissue paper cut into pieces), white glue diluted, waxed paper and paint.   It was interesting...
(Okay, so I love the Vikings!!)  What you do is brush the diluted glue onto the muslin which is on a piece of waxed paper and then apply pieces of tissue, gluing them down also...

Now, the next step I wasn't too sure about, because this looked pretty nice.   However, next a single piece of tissue is applied with glue over the entire piece which seemed to dull the results.

I guess though, that if you are going to sew on it, the top piece of tissue paper would sandwich the individual pieces.

The next step was to take diluted paint and brush over the entire piece.   Well, I used too much water for the first one and the top piece of tissue paper began tearing.   So for the next one, I used less water and fewer brush strokes.   I actually liked the results better without the paint.  I made two more with muslin...

Next I tried using rice paper for a base still covering the piece with a single piece of tissue paper.

Then I decided to try using cardstock and not covering with the final piece of tissue.  This one is still wet with glue...

Now that they are mostly dry, I find them quite unique.  The two in the left picture below are on muslin and they are pliant and much sharper now that the glue is dry.   Their surface is somewhat rough.   The top one on the right picture below is on the rice paper with the single tissue completely covering.   It is also rough, but it is just as pliant as the muslin.   The bottom one (same picture) has no single tissue coverage.   It is as smooth as a freshly waxed piece of furniture and much sharper/clearer.

I think my favorite is the one on cardstock without full tissue coverage.   I actually did another one (had to use up the glue).    Not sure what I am going to do with all of these...probably use the muslin in a journal.   

The bottom line...I had a lot of fun and lost all track of that's something for a clock watcher like myself.

Counting the three books ($7.00) and the magazine ($14.99), I came up one cent under.   Not too bad especially with the purchase of the three craft books.

On to the 'weightier' issue...I need to lose some weight.   Sigh!  I have tried just about every fad diet I can think of except counting calories.   And guess what?   I am losing slowly with the calorie counting. I got immediate results with the diet fads, but eventually gained most of the weight back.   

Hopefully, this one will stick.   I think what I like about this is that I really can eat what I want, I just have to watch the portions.   Of course, counting the calories takes time but if it works, no problem.   

I am also finding that I do eat when I am hunger...just not as much.   So I am munching several times during the day.    A handful of grapes here.   Some unsalted peanuts in the shell there.   I guess I am just paying more attention to what my body really wants.    But at regular mealtimes, I don't eat anywhere as much because I'm not starving.

Well, I just wondered if anyone else out there is dealing with weight issues?  I plan on posting any weight lose or gain along with my Friday Frugal Roundup.   I thought that would give me an additional incentive to keep it up.

Well, that's enough rambling.   I hope you have a fantastic weekend.   Take some time for yourself.  

Thanks for stopping by...