Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunny Monday...Not!!!

This rose smelled like a rose should smell.   It reminded me of the rose bushes that were all around my grandma's house in Minnesota.   They were small, prolific and smelled wonderful.   Well, guess where I took this the beach!!!

The entire place was full of flowers.   I'm used to seeing only sea oats.   This was a real treat.   Here's what you saw when you walked just past the flowers - from left to right...

It was overcast and rainy out when we drove to this beach.   As a matter of fact, a jacket was in order if you stayed out in the wind.   But it was still quite beautiful.   I'm looking forward to visiting this area many more times.  It's not a large beach, but it is sandy, and if you know Maine at all, you know that sandy beaches are not the norm.

Okay, back to the paper fabric I played with last week.   After the projects dried, I trimmed the edges and put them under a stack of magazines to flatten out.   I have to say that the pieces I made using only paper, stretched out during the process, but flattened out quite well during the drying period.   

So here are the pictures.  The first two were done with card stock and no final tissue paper coverage, the third is done with rice paper and tissue paper coverage, the final three were done on fabric again with tissue paper coverage.

I like the results much better after the drying, trimming and flattening.  

BUT then I tried using ModPodge adhering paper to fabric and the results were much, much better.   First of all, when dry, it was just like fabric.   No stiffness at all.  I don't have a picture of this, but will take one and post it tomorrow.   So my question is why not use ModPodge instead of white glue?   I think I will from now on.

I hope you had a great weekend.  Summer is almost gone, so be sure to get in a few get-away days if you can...even if it's only to sit outside enjoying a novel and drinking some iced tea.

Thanks for visiting...