Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fairy Houses and 'new year'

Yesterday, I posted pictures of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens with a promise to post pictures of the Fairy Houses the children created.   

So without further ado, here are today's PICTURES OF THE DAY:

Well, after thinking more about 'new year' beginning September 1, I thought about things that I should tackle finally.   Actually, I should say more things that I should tackle and I decided to take the plunge and begin with the first box...there are actually three boxes in all...

And what's in the box, you ask?   Well, there are elementary school papers from all four of my children who are now adults, some with children of their own.   I think it's about time, don't you?

So what am I doing with the papers?   First of all, sorting them according to child.   Then I am scanning the papers into my computer...no, not all, but so far, most of them.   I guess I have already sorted out the saves from the throws.   

Once I decided how to set things up on the computer, I realized that this is not an insurmountable task; however, it is going to take time...my scanner is not the fastest but it produces a really excellent picture.

That makes two things I am scanning into the computer.   What is the other thing (make that things)?  Old photos.   And that does seem like it will go on forever!

Well, it is Tuesday and I usually give you a prompt.   How about this:   Think of how you would treat the first of September if it were the real 'New Year' instead of the mini 'new year'. Now journal about how you begin the 'new year'.  Changes you would make.   Things you would add or subtract from your regular routine.   Etc.

Well, it was hot once again and tomorrow promises the same...can't wait til fall takes over...this heat just squeezes the energy right out of me.

You will never guess what happened to me?   I won...actually won...the drawing connected with the 'Butterfly Inchie Trade' at Roses On My Table.  You should check out the slide show of the different 'inchies'...they are all so creative.  And 'inchies' are fun to make.   Try it, you may like it.

That's all for tonight...thanks for stopping by...