Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Hot

I looked at the calendar and September is only a couple days away - as in the day after tomorrow!!! - well it sure is hot in Maine.   And tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter.  

And to top that off Earl may come a visitin' at the end of the week.   Now, Earl may be a nice guy, but I would just as soon have him stay out in the waters and leave the land alone. I lived through Hurricane Camille and that was enough for me.

So one of the things that we did with our family was to explore the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.    This place is awesome.   The children's garden is spectacular and well worth a visit.   We spent hours in that garden alone and the little one never tired of exploring everything - there was a lot to explore!!!

I managed to take a few pictures...

There was a maze, a water feature where water squirted out of the rocks, a garden, a tree house,  a big pond, chickens, an old-fashioned pump for watering plants, a greenhouse, sculptures, walkways, bridges, and flowers, flowers, flowers.   And a very special area where the children can build fairy houses.   I'll post pictures of all the fairy houses tomorrow.

We also made it to the bay for a little swimming...
One thing you discover when you visit beaches in of rocks.   And at this particular beach, the shapes were unique and smooth.  Some as flat as a pancake, but a lot thinner.   I didn't have time this visit, but I will be going back just to pick up some rocks.   And I will take lots of pictures.

I was reading a blog this weekend about the 'new year' which this blogger felt was more appropriate in September rather than January.   You know, she had a point.   Even folks without children - at least the ones I know - feel like life begins anew and in earnest in September.   Perhaps more focused.   Let's face it, summer is a time of relaxing.   

At any rate, I like the idea of a 'new year' at this time.   And in that vein, I have begun examining life and my place in it.   Similar to what one does around the first of the year.   Thinking, planning, musing, etc.  Maybe tweaking some things, maybe doing an about face in others.   What about you?   Do you feel that 'fall' is a 'new year' beginning or a place to begin anew?  Any things that you might want to begin and/or change?

Well, think about it at least...and thanks for visiting...