Monday, September 27, 2010

Day Eight And Counting

Boxes, that is.   I managed to get quite a few packed today.   Even got some paperwork done.   Question:   Does paperwork every get done?   I don't know about you, but sometimes it does seem like I'm swimming upstream when it comes to paperwork.  And now I have to figure out what to take and what to shred...decisions, decisions, decisions!!!!

I really do enjoy doodling.   The top set I did this weekend, the bottom set I did a while ago.   They really have become a way to relax for me.  If you have never tried this, check out the sites on You Tube to get you started.   Some of the clips are truly awesome. 

My team finally won a game this weekend.   I was beginning to question...   Hopefully their receivers will be back in a week or two.

Well, now that the shock has kind of worn off (not completely), I am getting into a rhythm of sorts.   And now I think it is time to get back to a few other things.   For instance, when I got sick a couple weeks ago, I stopped counting is easy to get off track, isn't it?   So I think it is time to get back to it - beginning now.   

If you're like me, you'll always find an excuse to let things slide by with your diet.   No more!   It only takes a few extra minutes a day, so back to keeping track.

AND, there is no time like the present to watch what I spend.   So the $25.00/week is back!   Some weeks I know I will go over, but others I probably won't spend anything.  Last week was one of the latter...I didn't spend anything.   This week, so far, I picked up coffee twice for a total of $2.00.   Dollar coffee is back at McDonalds!!!

SURPRISE!!!  On me!!!  I was planning to ship most of the things we were taking out west for our temporary move because I really didn't want to pull even a small trailer.   HOWEVER, it now looks like I will be towing something...A CAR!!!   That's right, a car!!!!  So, I am still going to ship things, but I will also be using the car an extra storage place.   Should be interesting.   

The last time I towed anything I was driving a 1963 Ford Falcon and the trailer was larger than the car.  And the brakes were questionable.   And worse yet, when we hit hills, I had to get a running start going down so I could make it all the way up.   That was decades know...when I was young and less than smart, but we made it.

At least this time, the vehicle is in much better shape...but I'm still not looking forward to it.

The weather has been cloudy and rainy so I haven't taken any pictures of the fall foliage.   As soon as it clears up - in a couple days - I'll get back outside to captures the colors.

Thanks for stopping by...see you tomorrow...