Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day Two of My Journey of Change

Well, two things I wanted to complete this week were:  1.   Finding a place to store our stuff; and,  2.   Make arrangements with the leasing office.  And both things were taken care of today.

We found a great warehouse to store our stuff and luckily it is close by.   Most of the ones I looked at were at least 30 minutes from our home, but this one is about half that time.

The leasing office was a different matter.    There is a blackout period where notices won't be accepted - November, December and January!!!   I thought that when we went to a renewable 60 day lease rather than an annual lease, this was no longer in effect.   WRONG!!!!   So, even if we leave, we are responsible for the rent!!!

Oh well, you win some and you lose some.  

I've been wondering what to take for myself.   Clothing, of course,   My computer, camera, etc.   But what about the rest of my craft supplies.   I can't take all of my supplies, but I know I need to take some things.   I don't really want to purchase all new things.    Well, stay tuned as I make those decisions.   I'll keep a pictorial diary of things I am taking...

I think that fairly soon, the reality of the move will catch up to me and I'm going to have to deal with everything.   Right now, I feel like a deer caught in headlights, but instead of standing still, I am moving at lightening speed (may not be accomplishing anything, but I am moving) to try to get everything done. 

Well, that's all for tonight...

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