Friday, September 3, 2010

Early Post Today

Okay, how many of you know what this is a picture of?   The window in my studio?   Right!!!   But what's so neat about it?   It's dark out?   Well, no, but it is very dark and cloudy!   Right!  IT'S OPEN!!!  The heat wave is over!!!!   My window is open and the ac is off.   How absolutely wonderful...

I'm posting early today you can see from the picture above...we are supposed to get stormy weather later on, so rather than wait until I lose electricity, I thought I would post now.

A couple more pictures...

I took these at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens last week...again it was cloudy.   But aren't they beautiful...

I picked up some coffee twice this week for a total of $5.28.   That's a lot for coffee not from Starbucks.  Guess I'll have to rethink where I get my coffee.   One place charges $2.29 per cup and one place charges a buck.   Since they are right next door to each other, think I will have to go back to the first place...or make it at home.   But I did come under my $25.00.

Well, I did say that I would post how the current diet is going...and it's going pretty well.   Even with family visiting and eating out (everything I wanted) I have lost 7.5 pound over the past two weeks.   

I also found that counting calories was not so bad, nor time consuming after all.    And the nice thing about this is that I do eat what I want, I just watch the portions.   I also eat a lot slower.   And, I eat when I want to, so I may graze one day and eat just regular meals the next.   

It is interesting that it has taken me this long to try probably the simplest diet around!!!

I hope you all have great plans to enjoy the weekend.   I will probably post something on Monday, but we are going to be in Manhattan next Tuesday and Wednesday (and possibly Thursday) so I am not sure if I will get to post much next week.

Thanks for visiting...