Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football and Photos

I had some time on my hands between walking in Central Park (and the Upper East Side) and the scheduled appointments,  so I tried my doodles a little differently.    I like the top one better, I think it has more variety.    I was trying to work in more solid black in the bottom doodle to see how it looked.   I think I like less solid black at the moment.  What do you think?

As I was walking from Park to Madison on my way to Central Park, I took pictures of some of the architectural details on the buildings...

Don't you just love the 'service entrance'?  

I also took a couple pictures of the 'castle'...unique, isn't it?

Tomorrow I'll post some my 'tree' pictures from Central Park.   I really love trees.   When I really look at them, I see all the graceful curves of the branches.   And how some trees work together to form a beautiful landscape and how at other times a single tree stands out among the crowd.   Stay tuned.   

Well, if you can't guess, I am watching a football game...Saints and Vikings...wonder who I want to win?   As if you haven't read about my team before.   Hint:   The quarterback is going to attend his grandchild's baptism in Hattisburg, MS.   That statement in itself is kind of awesome!!!!

Thanks for to you tomorrow...