Monday, October 11, 2010

21 Days and Counting

These were all taken today.   As you can tell the leaves are getting to peak and the water was a beautiful blue.   It was one of those wonderful fall but not cold, breezy but not extremely windy and sunny.   Hope it was just as wonderful where you are. 

More boxes a matter of fact, all the books are packed...and yes, we do have several cartons even though we have given away over half.   There are just some books we need for research and some we want because we love to read them.

So we will be taking these as well as all our Christmas decorations to storage tomorrow.   Thanks to friends we are on target for getting things packed and stored. 

And the backdrop for the musical is well on its way...I only have a few more things to attach and then some detailing with ink.   I am going to try some stamp pads with permanent ink.   So far the tests have worked out well. 

The only thing that I haven't been able to get to is crafting.   And I do miss it, but that just may have to be put on the back burner until we have moved.   But I plan to keep posting as often as possible. 

Sad!!!   The Vikings lost this evening.   The offense played pretty poorly until the end of the third quarter and then all of a sudden they woke up.  Unfortunately, they did lose.   If only the offense could play all four quarters like the defense...they would be unbeatable.

That's all for tonight.   Hope you enjoyed the pictures and thanks for visiting...