Friday, October 15, 2010

24 Days - Can it really be 24?

Well, I guess it is....maybe I should begin counting the otherway...down instead of up!!!   It'll be the same either way!   Maybe when next month begins I'll start the other way.

To keep you up to date:

Our dear friends left this morning.   It seems very empty around here without them.

We managed to get four more loads to storage.   Let me tell you, my 'tank' can hold a lot!!!  And I still have lots more storage space.   I did not want to make the same mistake I made when we moved here.   I rented a truck just a tad too small, so we had to make a couple extra trips with the car.   I learned my lesson and made sure I had enough room to store things.   Probably overdid it, but this time I would rather be safe than sorry.

The backdrop only has to be sewn together.   The stamp pads worked very well. I used a cocoa color stamp pad and brayer to make the brick outlines.   I placed the fabric over the pad and ran across it with the brayer.  For the illusion of a city, I used multiple colors and just ran them over the fabric.   I tried taking pictures this evening, but they did not turn out...I take some in the daylight and post later. 

The craft books have been sorted.   I am going to keep only a few.   Quite frankly, I realized that for the most part, I have not opened 95% of them over the past couple of years.   It is probably funny for some of you, but when I want to find out how to do something, I Google it.   I always find answers including videos on YouTube!!!   So, in the spirit of simplifying, I decided to let the majority of them go.   First to my friends at the quilt guild.

I have also looked at the crafts in my studio and have decided which to keep, which to store, which to take with me.   As I am packing things up, I will take some photos.

Speaking of photos, here are a few more taken on one of our outings...

Next week, we will be in NYC so once again, I may not be able to post regularly.   This may be the last trip before we leave...and then again, we may have to go in one more time!!!

Thanks for checking up on me...looking forward to having you visit again...