Friday, October 22, 2010

Day Thirty-one...need I say more?

Now, you are probably wondering why a picture of a firetruck is my picture of the day.   Well....let me tell you about today's adventure at the storage place.   Our storage unit is on the second floor and we use a freight elevator to get there.   There are several such elevators to use, but one is kind of finicky (that's actually putting it mildly!).   

So, the boxes in my tank (no that is not my tank in the picture) were unloaded onto dollies and to the elevators we went.   The elevators were all gone, so I went up to see if I could bring one down.   The only one available was the 'finicky' one, so no, I was not going to take it.   However, the couple waiting to go down decided to try it.

Every time they got the elevator to the first floor, it went right back up without allowing them to unload.   After three tries, they decided to just get off on the second floor BUT the doors wouldn't open.   So they used the phone in the elevator to get help.   Unfortunately, the phone they choose went to 911.   And they did this just as the staff was in the process of getting the doors open for them.

In the meantime, the other elevator came down, we got on, brought our stuff up to our storage area and took the stairs down only to be met by a dozen firemen with axes, sledge hammers, etc. looking around for someone to help them find the folks stuck in the elevators.   

They immediately swarmed over to us asking if we were the ones stuck...and of course, we weren't.  The couple who were stuck came down in the elevator we used right after that.

All we saw as we were leaving were the firemen laughing on their way to their trucks.   I guess it's not really funny, but it is kind of reassuring to know that they came quickly.   Thus, the picture of the fire truck.

Here's a picture of our storage unit.    There's lots of room left...I am still bringing in boxes, so I haven't finished stacking things orderly.   You are only seeing about half of the I said, I was not going to make the same mistake that I did when I rented a truck to move to Maine.

I took all the craft magazines and books which I was getting rid of to the library today.   Here's a picture of the books I kept.

I know it looks sparse, but I have lots of how-to downloads and digital magazines.   And, as I told you before, when I want to know how to do something, I google it and usually find videos on YouTube as well as written resources.  

Oh, and finally, here are the pictures of the background (for the musical) which I decorated using stamp pads.

I have since sewn them onto a larger piece of fabric with a blue sky and a beige 'wall'.   And I attached a piece of black fabric on the just looks better with that additional piece of fabric.

It's been a wild week...our trip to NYC was scheduled with back-to-back appointments.   When we finally got home, we just had to veg out for a day to catch our breath. 

Next week I should be on schedule for posting daily...

Thanks for visiting...