Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wow Seventeen Days!!!

It poured down rain all of us including our guests from Minnesota trouped out to Duck Fat, a restaurant in Portland, which has some of the best food I've eaten.   The fries were to die for, but the soups and sandwiches were awesome.   If you can't tell, we all loved this place.  Of course we were drenched by the time we walked across the street to the restaurant.   But it was worth it.

I took another giant load to the storage place on Tuesday...and I even backed into the loading dock area.   Now to understand why this is so great, backing up is not easy for me with a car, but with my 'tank, it is a bit shall we say scary.   AND TODAY I tried something else new...I parallel parked with my 'tank'...really, I didn't even do that with my old car!   It wasn't great, but it worked.   Wow!!!!

Our two kitties are stressing out with the packing.   They keep sitting on top of the boxes, or climbing in while I am packing.   I think they are worried we may leave them behind...NEVER!   They are part of the family.

I did manage to snap a picture of them resting today.  Chip was on one of the dining room chairs and Dale was on the couch...

Did you hear the news about the Vikings?   They have signed looks like the Vikings are going to get back on track...Super Bowl, here we come...I hope!

While we have guests, I may not post every day...I know you understand...but I will try to post often.   In the meantime, thanks for stopping by...