Friday, October 1, 2010

Day Twelve of My New Adventure

Okay, okay, I know I shouldn't be so excited, but I took my first load of boxes to our storage place the rain and wind.   But I packed the car before the rain began and the unloading dock is inside, so I didn't get wet.

Our storage area is on the second floor so we need to use the freight elevator.  It's a bit have to line it up just right...but it'll just be another thing I've learned to do.   

One thing I found out is that I can get a lot more boxes in my 'tank' as my husband calls my car.   About double the amount that I took today.   So I am figuring that about three trips a week should get most of the boxes and small furniture into storage.   That will only leave a few large items to have moved.

I was downloading some free e-books today from one of my favorite craft sites and I thought that I would share a couple sites with case you hadn't stumbled upon them on one of your surfing trips.

For quilters, of all types including large quilts, wall art, etc., All People Quilt is a really neat site.   They have free patterns, project instructions, technique instructions, free videos, etc., etc., etc.   It is one of the first quilting places that I bookmarked.   And I visit it frequently.

Another hobby/craft site is All Free Crafts.   They have hundreds of free craft projects, patterns, instructions.   When I clicked on Christmas Crafts, then Homemade Christmas crafts, tons of projects with pictures popped up.   And the instructions (with pictures) are very clear.   

Probably my favorite site is FaveCrafts.   They have everything from free instructional videos, to projects, patterns, etc.   But my favorite is their free e-books to download.   They range from seasonal crafts, to knitting, crocheting, fabric, kitchen, gardening and more.   And I did say free.

If you have any favorite sites, let me know.   I'm always looking for more places to visit on the internet!!!

Frugal Friday Roundup:   
This week wasn't too bad, I wound up getting four cups of coffee ($4), and one lunch out ($5).   That would have been it except that one of my favorite digital craft magazines had a special offer of only $10 for a year's subscription.   I couldn't pass it up.   

So I still came under my $25, but I did spend $19.   I'm going to assume that the year's rental on the storage facility that I put down today doesn't count against my $25.   Because if it did, I'd be in deep trouble!!!!!

Someone asked my why I don't make my own coffee.   I usually purchase the largest cup and believe it or not, I drink it all through the day (I love cold coffee).   And it always tastes better than mine.   And as I am the only one who drinks coffee at home,  I just don't bother making it.    I also noticed that when did I make a large pot, I drank it all, and then I paid for that later.   So, I figure that in the long run, I'm ahead of the game this way.

Calorie Counting:
Wish I could say that I lost a lot, but as luck would have it, I didn't.   But I didn't gain anything either so that's good.   I usually try counting calories five or six days a week and be a bit more relaxed on the other days; although, I do watch what I eat.   I think that also helps me to be more aware of what I eat and how much.   My hope is that when I get down to the weight I feel the is the best, then I won't count calories all the time, but just be aware of what I eat.   Does that make sense to anyone else?

Once the bad weather is out of here, we should have a great fall weekend.   I hope that you have a great weekend too.

See you next week.   Thanks for stopping by...