Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Journals, Journals, Journals

The thing about journals is that they can be anything you want them to be.   You can write as often or as little as you want...from daily to annually.   You can write down your life, your feelings or you can create an art journal.

I remember my mother keeping a journal for most of her life.   It was a simple black daybook and she basically included the day's activities...an accounting of her life.   She always included the day's high and low temperatures, a bit peculiar, but important to her.

I bet most of us had a friend in high school that kept a journal.   I remember one friend wrote constantly about popular singers.

For many folks, journaling begins very simply; perhaps, a simple accounting of the day's activities, maybe even a list.   Eventually they begin to put their feelings down about their hopes and dreams.   And from that point, the possibilities are endless!

A lot of folks begin journaling as an exercise.   Maybe from a book, or a class, or even a journaling blog.   If you search for journaling books on Amazon, you will find a variety of books dealing with all types of subjects from personal growth, to exploring your creativity, to art journals, etc., etc., etc.

One extremely popular book called "The Artist's Way:   A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity" by Julia Cameron has 'morning pages' as a continuing activity.

There are a number of blogs that focus on journaling.   Simply Google 'blogs about journaling' and you will find enough blogs to keep you surfing for quite a while.

So the question of the day is:   To Journal or Not To Journal?

Well, I find journaling helpful and insightful as well as a creative outlet.   My journals range from simple writing (even on the computer) to fabric journals to mixed media journals.  Do I journal daily?   Well, sometimes yes, many times no...I may go weeks between entries...but I always go back.

In the past I have done fabric journals...

 and mixed media journals...

even doodling journals...

I would like to suggest that you give journaling a try, but keep it simple to begin with...

First, find a journal book you like.   I like to use a small sketch book or a lined workbook, (5x8, or 6x9), with sturdy wire binding (this makes it easier to lay flat).   But you need to choose something that appeals to you.   

Second, gather a few supplies...a good pencil or pen for writing.   And, if you want to sketch, some colored pencils and perhaps a few markers.

Third, begin!   Begin however you want, be it talking about the day's adventures or writing down a list of things you like.   Remember, there is no right nor wrong way to journal.   This is your journey and your journal, so do what you want to do.

Fourth, decide how often you want to write in your journal.   A good rule of thumb is to journal as often as you want instead of setting up an arbitrary number of entries.   

Fifth, and most important, journal for yourself, not others.   Not in the mood to write, but want to journal, try doodling, or sketching.    

Needless to say, Tuesday's will be all about journaling.   Sharing with you my journaling tips with pictures and sometimes 'how-to' information.   Suggesting journal ideas or prompts.    And perhaps  introducing you to some of my favorite blogs on journaling.   

So, I hope you will come along as we begin our journaling adventure.   And if you are so inclined, why not gather a few journaling supplies for next week, keeping it simple and we can begin.

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