Monday, February 28, 2011



Monday's always seem to slip away fast.  The last time I thought about writing a post was a few minutes wait, it was several hours ago...make that nine hours ago!   Will someone please tell me how time slips away so easily?

When I did think about writing, all sorts of ideas came popping into my mind from the protests in Wisconsin ('On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin.  Grand Old Badger State!'  Although I lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin was always a keen sports rival, I'm proud of the folks in Wisconsin.), to the Oscars (which I didn't watch), to our economy but nothing really moved me.

Then I discovered something with my granddaughter.   She loves to 'draw' with my art pencils, so we had fun making art pictures.   She picked out the colors and we just scribbled with abandonment.   When we were finished, I realized that the pictures were actually great and would make fantastic journal pages.   So I copied them.   Stay tuned tomorrow to see our art...

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and are excited about the coming week.   

Thanks for visiting...tomorrow is journal day...stop by for more ideas.

My Journey of Change...
Questions?   Questions?   Questions?   I seem to be bombarded with questions lately?   Did we do all that we could medically?    Did we miss anything?   Could I have done something earlier which could have changed the outcome?   Did he hear me when I told him I loved him?   Why wasn't I more patient when he got so frustrated that it spilled into anger?  Did he know how great his kids were?   I know he was totally exhausted but I wonder if he was ready to go?   Did he know I would be okay?   Did he know how much I would miss him?   Questions?   Questions?   Questions? 

There aren't any real answers to the questions...they just pop up and bother the heck out of me.   Intellectually, I understand the questions, but emotionally they nag at my spirit.   I wonder, have others been bombarded by questions during major times of change?