Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inchies and Journals

No snow pictures!!!   I could post some more but that's depressing even for me.   So I thought I would post a picture from down around New Orleans taken a couple years ago.   Flowers, not Mardi Gras Parades.

If you ever get the chance to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans or even Mobile, Alabama...go!   It's a lot of fun!

My Inchie Swap came today and are they ever a treat...

 Here are the close-ups:

Aren't they neat?   And just think, they are only one inch square.   You should try one, you may like it.  After all, who can't fill up a  one inch square.

Tuesday is Journal Day and I have progressed on some of my pages.   They are not done but more than 'just begun'.   Here are the three pages after their initial background application...

And here they are with my latest additions to those pages...

As you can see,  planting and growing seem to be central to two of the pages.   I'm not sure why, but the theme seems to fit.  On the first page, I added ribbon and inch squares with the word 'grow' stamped on them.

The second page comes from seed packets that I have planted.   So far four of them have sprouted, but I think I will have to replant the other two.

The third page is quite a bit different.   First I glued on some net to give the page some durability.   I then added some lace and a piece of unique yarn.  By the way, I use Modge Podge for just about everything including gluing.

As I said, I am not done with these pages, but I think I have a good beginning.

And what about your journal?   Have you done anything on it this week?   What needs 'growing' in your life?   Maybe if you journal about it, things will reveal themselves to you...things that may even surprise you.   Give it a try this week and see how your 'garden' grows.   Then share it with me.   I would love to hear about it; or, better yet, even see your pages.

Thanks for stopping by...enjoy the rest of your evening.