Monday, April 15, 2013

Home Again!

A word to the folks in Boston...our thoughts are with you, especially the families of the three people killed, one of whom was an 8 year old.   We stand with you.  We pray for you.   We will remember you.  And we are so impressed when the bystanders ran to help the injured rather than running away.


Pictures from a hike on a trail next to the Hudson River,  Beacon, New York.   (These were actually taken with my iPhone.   I am always surprised at the quality when I download pictures from my phone.)   Spring hasn't arrived here.  No buds opening on the trees, no grass, no spring flowers.   But it was still quite beautiful.

And I learned about something new on the hike.   Have you ever heard about geocaching?   It's really neat.   Folks place containers in areas all around the world.   The containers may contain small items, even toys and a notebook.   These are then registered with GPS locations at Geocache sites.  

If you find one, you can take items out and replace with other items.   You can also write a note.   There are all types of Geochaches - for children, for adults, for specific topics, etc.   It's really a fun thing to do when hiking.  

My weekend was great.   How was yours?   I hope you spent some time doing something you enjoyed.   I did.   It's always great to get together with family and friends.

So, on another note, do you shop in thrift stores?   I do, especially for books.   Look at what I picked up this weekend.   The total price of all the books together would not have bought a single one of them if they were new...

The 'American Patchwork and Quilting', 'Remember Me', and 'The Craftsman in America' are history books about quilting and early American crafts.  The Victorian Cookbook is a reprint of a cookbook from that era.   The rest are craft books.   I don't do scrapbooking but there are stamping techniques that I wanted to try.   Each of the other craft books had several ideas that I was interested in.

I usually don't keep the books, I take my time and look through each one for ideas and techniques.   But once I have gathered all the information I want, I donate them back to the thrift store I bought them from...that is unless the book is one that I really like and know I will use often, like this one...
I really do love this book.   There are so many ideas that it will take me a long time to get through them all.

Well, that's all for today.   Remember to keep the folks in Boston in your thoughts.  

Thanks for dropping by...

Enjoy yourself...