Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Adventures

These flowers just sparkled in the sunlight this weekend.   They are in my kitchen and brighten my mornings as I wait for my coffee to brew.

So, how was your weekend?   My was very good...I was productive one day and relaxed the other.   A perfect combination.  I finished two mail art projects - one good, one not so much.   Remember that the last two doodle art postcards didn't quite cut it for me.   I like this one, though...
So it will be winging it's way to my swap partner.  

I also tried a fabric collage.   Again, it didn't quite do it for me, so I am going to try another one today.   I did paint the background with green and blue.   The rest of the objects are fabric except the birds...
The two applications of Mod Podge give it a shiny finish which I do like.   I'm going to keep the same elements, just try different fabrics and placement,

The recycling adventure I had was to learn how to make yarn from newspaper.  

It was much easier than I thought.   First, I made my drop spindle out of a dowel, a circular wooden disk with a center hole already drilled and a cup hook.   The disk and the dowel are found in most craft stores.   The cup hook can be found just about anywhere from hardware to grocery to general stores.

The size of the dowel and disk can vary drastically.   Mine is quite large because that is what I found when I went to the craft store.   The hole in the disk was a bit larger than the dowel so I just used some cellophane tape applied to the dowel to keep the disk in place..

Here are some pictures...

When I put the cup hook into the dowel, I did not drill a hole.   Unfortunately,  the dowel began to split which is why there is a piece of duct tape to prevent it from further splitting.

If you google 'how to make newspaper yarn' you will find many You Tube videos on the process.   It really is easy.   One thing I found important was learning how much twist was enough.   Too much and the newspaper will break, not enough and it will not be a strong yarn.   After a couple tries though, I quickly realized how much is the right amount. 

The other important thing to remember is when joining two strips of newspaper (about 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide), overlap them about an inch and a half, fold, pinch but then keep hold of that area until it has been twisted.

It's so easy, kids can do this.   And you can buy or make a drop spindle very inexpensively.   Finally, of course, the newspaper is free.   Your fingers will get some ink on them.   But remember, after using the 'yarn' to make something, all you needed is a finish coat like Mod Podge to seal the newspaper so the ink will not rub off.

There's a new journal prompt posted for the week.   Check it out.  And, I will be posting some of my journal pages this week. 

Also, remember this week will mark the end not only of one month, but of three months since we developed plans/goals for the year.  So perhaps it would be a good time to evaluate how things are going and maybe adjusting, adding or even removing some of those plans/goals.   

I'll even share some of my evaluation with you during this week.   You know, things like what worked, what isn't working and any changes I am planning to make.   

Well, that's all for today.  Thanks for visiting...

Be sure to spend some time enjoying yourself...