Friday, July 5, 2013

A Loud 4th!!

I hope everyone celebrating the 4th had a great and safe time.   There were several block parties with the accompanying fireworks all around here.   The city also had a very nice show which was visible from the end of the block.

It's been quite hot for Maine - in the 90's!!   Not many folks in the older homes have air-conditioning, including me, so taking it easy and drinking lots of fluids is the only way to survive.   Even the cats just stretch out in front of the fan.   I'm going to have to get up early and begin mowing by 8am if I want the backyard done before the heat sets in tomorrow.

I have managed to finish sorting all the kids papers.   And I have now begun copying pictures onto the computer.   This one will take some time but I have developed the process so I can just continually copy the pictures.

I've joined the 'Where Blogger's Create Tour' this year.   I haven't been a part of it for a couple years so it will be fun.   One good thing is that the studio is really getting a good re-organization.   I have a tendency to just squirrel away things and then when I want them again, I can't find them.

By the way, the inchie challenge is on for August.   I hope you'll check in daily to see my inchies.   Better yet, why not do the challenge with me.

My latest ICAD challenge cards...

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Talk to you Monday... (Hope it's cooler!!!)