Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It has been such a busy week that I completely forgot to post a new prompt.   Forgive my tardiness.   But I have posted a new one now and I really like it.   It just floated into my mind as I was sitting here on my deck feeling the light wind blowing, bringing with it the smells of the sea.  

Here's today's challenge inchie.   I don't really have a name for it.   As a matter of fact, it can be used for a variety of things.   There are several pictures to see it's full potential...

It's a fold-up story card.   Just imagine all the ways this inchie card could be decorated from a story for a young child, to pictures for grandparents, to birthday wishes, to just about anything!!!

I used stickers on mine but you can draw, paint, or use cutouts just as easily.   The idea for sailing came from one of my pictures which I was able to print out in a one inch square format.

The instructions are a bit long, but not difficult at all.  I used one of my regular base pieces and finished the edges with blue paper tape.

Next cut out two 1" by 3.5" strips of designed cardstock (or what ever you want to use for the folded sections).    If only one side has a design,  cut out two more strips, the same size, but out of lightweight paper and glue to the back of the cardstock.

Next find the center of both strips and lightly mark where the center square inch would be.   On one piece,  cut a small slice out (about 1/16") from each side of the center square inch for easy folding.   Then glue the pieces together at the center square inch keeping the piece with the cutouts on top.

To make the card lay flat,  use something to lightly score all the folds and a bonefolder to crease.   Do one side/flap at a time because the positions will change with the thickness of the paper being folded. 

The first two folds should be with the top piece.   Score one side and fold, trim to fit and crease with a bonefolder.  Keeping the first folded side down, score the second side, fold, trim to fit and crease with a bonefolder.   Repeat with the remaining two side folds

Next decorate as desired.   When done, glue the back side of the folded pieces to the base.   To secure when closed, I used washi tape which I attached to the back of the base and then folded the rest of the tape back on itself to cover the adhesive and  trimmed to fit.   I used a string of adhesive pearls to close.

As I said, the instructions are a bit long, but once you do it, you'll see how easy it is.

Only three more days of the inchie challenge left.   Thanks for checking in each day...
See you tomorrow...