Friday, August 9, 2013


Living in NYC for several years, and next to a fire department in Maryland, I am used to noise.   But last night takes the cake...

Around 2am I was awakened by what I thought was a train, but it was getting closer and closer and CLOSER - no it was not a tornado - but I was really getting concerned.   There are no tracks close enough to hear the train that loud.   Then, when I felt the floor slightly shake,  I decided it was time to get up and investigate.

I didn't see much through the trees with the exception of lots and lots of white and yellow lights - the type of illumination night roadcrews use.   It was then that I realized they must be working on the road and decided to give everyone a wake-up call as I saw lights go on in the houses surrounding mine!!!

Of course, after that excitement, going back to sleep was near to impossible, so I read until the rain began and finally fell asleep.  

Well, the rain has continued all day.   So, I just decided it was perfect reading weather and after lunch, that's what I   In fact, I finished Crunch Time late this afternoon.   If you like mysteries, especially those with great recipes, check it out.   It's really good.

That's how I spent my did you spend yours?

I finally finished getting the swap ready for mailing.   I wanted to make a box to put my inchie in before sending...

And here's today's inchie.   It is a bit more complicated, but still easy to do.   I call it Fireworks Closeup...

First, I glued a light piece of decorated paper to the base and finished the edges with paper tape that is a yellow/green color.

Next, out of cardstock decorated paper, I cut a circle that fit inside the paper tape edging.   Then I cut a continuous spiral out of the circle.   To keep the spiral elevated, I rolled up a tiny piece of the cardstock and secured with glue.   I then glued it to the base.

I applied glue underneath the outer circle of the spiral and to the very center,   I placed the spiral over the  piece of rolled up cardstock, securing it to the center of the spiral as well as securing the outer circle to the base (with the glue).

After the spiral was dry, I cut several thin pieces of the same cardstock and attached them to the spiral with glue after applying glitter to the ends.   I also used a flower punch to make a flower to add to the top of the spiral which I atached with glue and then added glitter.  As I said a bit more complicated, but not difficult.

Any plans for the weekend?  There is always preseason football if you're looking for something to watch!!!   I've heard that this is a busy weekend for parents getting things for school-aged children.   Actually I am surprised at how many school systems have already begun!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog today,
See you tomorrow...yes I will be posting this weekend again...Inchie Challenge, remember?