Monday, September 23, 2013

Catching Up and Getting Ready

What do you do when you're expecting a visit from friends?   I learned from my mother that a clean house is a welcoming house.   Now, she would do the white glove bit (If you don't know what that means, consider yourself lucky!).   I don't, but I do like a house that is relatively clean and straight.   There are times when that isn't completely possible, but I do my best.

Well, good friends are on their way so I have put the house in reasonable order...but there's so much going on that some things are going to go by the wayside.   Consider these two...

The amount of fur they generate is mind boggling!!!   I think I have it cleaned up only to find more.    I have decided that it is a losing battle.   There will always be cat fur flying around as long as I have my kitties.

The thing I learned, though, is that when friends visit...they don't come to see the house, they come to see you.   So, I will welcome them with arms wide open even if there is cat fur creating a halo around my head!!!!

Well, I have accomplished more in the Christmas Presents category.   It's a bit scary considering that this is still September.   I usually don't get geared up until November...but then I don't always make presents either.

I'm a couple days behind on my LSNED, but here is one of the pages I did finish...

And, today I moved the trailer so it is more stable - basically, not leaning to one side - and I can begin arranging things.   Still working on orange!!!   Also, going to start putting things back in the trailer.  

Of course, that also means that it is time to begin packing in earnest to store my stuff.   I have but also am continuing to donate...took a big load to Goodwill today, as a matter of fact.

Monday Night football is on...yes, I know I am a bit crazy when it comes to football.

New prompt posted.

Thanks for dropping in...
See you tomorrow...