Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Whether we are ready or not, September is here.   School has begun for most of our nation's children.   Leaves will be turning.   And the slippery slide toward the holiday season is about to commence.

Don't misunderstand, I love fall.   I love the holiday season.   I just can't believe that summer is really, really over...

I told you yesterday that I have begun Christmas presents.   I don't want to let the cat out of the bag too much because some of the folks actually read my blog!!!   But here are some hints for three of the presents already begun...

1.   Lose 6 pounds
2.   Sort three boxes of my grandma's things
3.   Scan in documents
4.   Finish one gift
5.   Have two gifts halfway done
6.   Set up the shelves in the trailer
7.   Go through framed pictures
8.   Read every day
9.   Write every day
10.  Create every day

Why did I add the last three?   So I don't forget to nourish my soul in the midst of all the rest of the 'stuff' I am doing.  Of course, I will continue with scanning photos, sorting, packing and giving away things as I come upon them.   I actually have a box always set up in my office!

I am taking part in LSNED (Learning Something New Every Day), Shimelle Laine's September Event.   I been doing this for several years and have found it very helpful and uplifting.   Check it out at

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