Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another (Easy) Quilt Top

Smells of harvest bring thoughts of family.

Smiling at life, rainbows shine; Open your heart to love, and you will be fine.
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It's getting down into the forties at night here with a high in the mid 60's...time for a bit of heat.   Speaking of heaters, I have a Rinnai Heater.   It's sitting in my office/studio opposite the stairway to the second floor.   About four feet wide, three feet high and a foot deep.   
This heats the entire story and a half house very, very, very inexpensively.    Now, Maine is not a warm state, so winter is hard.   If you follow my blog you'll remember how much snow and cold weather we had last year.   
And yet, my heating bill was low.   If you're looking for a new heater in your home, I would suggest that you take a look at Rinnais.   (And no, I have no connection with the company, or any company that sells or services these heaters!)
So, I finished another very easy top...Bandannas...
 I told you it was easy...three by three gets 59" by 59".   I purchased these at a craft store for $1.79.   I did have to trim each to the same size, but that's it.   I think that I will be stitching next to the seams on both sides for this quilt, kind of like stitching in the ditch.  And  I have a nice blue fleece to back it.   
I actually purchased enough bandannas to make a 'pillow-type' case to store the quilt throw in when not in use which then can be used as a pillow. 
Question:   How are you doing money-wise?   (Some of you are really up against it with the shut-down.   Sorry about that.)   Do you budget your finances?   I do but not formally.  
By that I mean that I know what monthly bills I have to pay which gives me the amount of money to spend on groceries, gas, gifts and other things.   I have a dollar figure that I will not go over.   And for the most part, unless there are emergency repairs, I spend less than what I take in.   I also have an emergency fund always available...not much, but enough to get by if needed.    
So if you budget, how do you do it?   I was reading an old British Version Good Housekeeping Magazine from the 30's...
...and budgets were highly important.   The article contains information gathered from their readers on budget tips.   One of the top tips was to shop sales for groceries and plan menus around the sale items.
It was quite interesting to see how they spent their money and time.   The professional households (Vicarage, doctor, business) had a lot more money available, but also spent more on household items and services.   
Whereas, the non-professional household did almost everything themselves from growing vegetables, to making clothes to teaching their children.   They also relied on second-hand and hand-me downs.  Sometimes I wonder if anything has changed? 
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