Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Return of The To-Do List

Smells of harvest bring thoughts of family.

Smiling at life, rainbows shine; Open your heart to love, and you will be fine.
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Well, today was a very productive day for me.   How about your day?   Did you get the things done that you wanted to accomplish?

I haven't been planning my days that, I haven't made a to-do list.   And I haven't really been getting much done.   So this morning, I returned to my usual morning routine which includes spending about five minutes deciding what I want to get done.   Guess I need that bit of direction because I got a lot done.  

On my list was sewing together another top...
The colors seem to be a bit washed out because the light color squares really are a deep red.   You are seeing a little less than half the quilt.   It's been pressed and is ready for tying.   That makes quilt top number four done!!!

I sorted through more books, a couple of craft boxes as well as doing a lot of maintenance work on the Inchie Swap that I host at Roses On My Table. 

When I make a to-do list, I usually try to make sure that some of it is easily accomplished and that there is at least one thing which I really am looking forward to doing; however, I also include at least one thing that may require a bit more time/effort/thought.  

And today's thing was deciding, measuring and figuring out everything needed to build the shelves in my trailer.   Didn't get all of it done, but I got a good start...

So, do you make to-do lists?   Are your lists detailed or broad?   For me, I found lists that are broad and only include about ten things work better for me.   I do know folks, though, that employ very detailed lists and find that works best for them.

I used to use steno books for my to-do lists, but this is what I use now...
Right, scratch paper.   As I have been going through 'stuff', I found lots of non-important paper which I cut in half and am using for scratch paper.   Works fine for me.

Thanks for dropping in this evening...
I hope you have a great, productive day tomorrow...
(If you don't normally use to-do lists, give one a try!)
See you tomorrow...