Friday, October 25, 2013

Fifty-One Days and Weekend's Coming...

Smells of harvest bring thoughts of family.

Remember the joyous memories of your life. 
Took a decongestant and overslept this morning.   I have yet to find one that doesn't put me to sleep and that is very frustrating.   
I did get out and work in the trailer for a couple hours today.   Here's a picture of the support and shelf I put in yesterday.   The support is the black rod under the top shelf.   The smaller (10 inches wide) shelf (with a 3 inch lip) is below and has small stuffies on it.   It goes the entire width of the trailer and at this point simply sits on the two shelves already built.
Obviously, the trailer is still in disarray.   Today I finished the shelf supports for both closets and put in a magnetic knife holder next to the stove...
I am a bit worried about the shelf supports because the instructions call for either nailing or clamps, neither of which is possible.   I may have to rethink the shelving.   Will wait and see what tomorrow brings.
I wound up doodling again last night...
Wish there was something I could do with these doodles but at least they are relaxing.  
So what are your weekend plans?  My plans include:
                Picking up larger size boxes for packing
                Finish packing the living room 'stuff' 
                Check out what else needs doing in the trailer
                Finish packing the car for another Goodwill run 
                Finish backing one quilt
                Grocery shopping
                And, of course, FOOTBALL
If it is nice, I may take a drive in the country...up to Boothbay Harbor for some Lobster, or to A Taste of Maine for some oysters...
Sounds like a plan to me.   Hope your weekend works well for you.
Thanks for taking a look...
See you Monday...