Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween This Week

Another new week begins...the last week of October for this year.   Halloween is this Thursday, folks, hope you are ready for all the little ghosts and goblins coming to your door.  

I had a lot of trick or treat visitors last year.   This year, I bought candy AND bags so that I can just hand out a bag rather than try and decide what to give each child...if it is enough, too much, etc.

It's been really windy today...all three of my wind chimes are clanging away.   I have decided that I like their sound so much that I will be taking them with me in the trailer.   They can hang off the corners of my awning.

So, looking at what I wanted to get done this weekend...
                Finish packing the living room 'stuff'
                Check out what else needs doing in the trailer
                Finish packing the car for another Goodwill run
                Finish backing one quilt
                Grocery shopping
                And, of course, FOOTBALL

Football, of course, a no brainer for me.   Unfortunately, my team lost, again!  

I did the shopping, packed the car with stuff for Goodwill, made a list of things to do in the trailer.   By the way, the shelf supports in the closet work...yah!!  

I have a five more things to pack in the living room which will get done today.   AND, Ta-Dah, I backed two quilts...

That makes a total of four quilts finished, three quilt tops done and needing backing and blocks cut for two more quilts and ready for sewing.   Wow.   And it is only October.

They got the problem fixed on the side column so Monthly Thoughts and Weekly Journal Prompts are back on the side...and there is a new journal prompt.

So how are things going with you?   Did you get things done this weekend that you planned?   If not, don't worry, there's always today...and who knows, maybe what you wound up doing instead was far more important - even if it was to catch up on some well-needed rest and relaxation.  

Thanks for checking things out here today...
See you tomorrow...