Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fifty-two Days and Counting?

Smells of harvest bring thoughts of family.

Remember the joyous memories of your life.

Fifty-two days and counting...scary!!!   
So, today I worked in the trailer.   I thought about taking a picture, but it was in such a disreputable state that I decided against it.   
However, I did get the support in place for the front top shelf.   I also made and put in place a shelf below the top shelf that is wide enough for things like paperbacks.   But it also leaves a place underneath it for things like the cat's fence, folding table, etc.   I'll take a picture tomorrow.

Finally, I put an extra shelf in the top kitchen cabinets.   So, tomorrow, I will finish up with the shelving in the two closets.   Then I can began loading the trailer with things that I want to take with me.

For relaxation lately, I either doodle or crochet.   Last night I played around with making some crocheted trees for the village...

Along with some more doodling...

Guess I need a lot of relaxing!!!

Thanks for stopping in...
See you tomorrow...