Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One Week to Finish

Smells of harvest bring thoughts of family.

Remember the joyous memories of your life. 

I took a look at the October goals and then I took a deep breath...I need to get busy if I am going to finish all of them.   But, I do have a good start.   I did repack my books and at this point have eliminated one box (Yeah!!!!).   

And today I took seven banker boxes full of books to someone who wanted them.   The rest of the books, sitting in the living room will go to Goodwill tomorrow!   So, I did finish this goal, easily.

Today, when I was out, I picked up the last of the items I needed to finish up the changes in the trailer so I can get to that this week.

Weight wise, I am on track...but there are some things I haven't even sorting the three boxes of Grandma's things.   Guess I need to start on them today.   

Fifty-three days before leaving...and I'm looking around wondering how I will get it all done.... 

Last night after getting everything done, I did a little doodling...

I hadn't been doing too much creative work just for the sake of doing creative work.   I found this very relaxing...need to do a bit more of that.   How about you?   What do you do to relax?   To recharge?

Thanks for checking things out here today...
See you tomorrow...