Thursday, October 3, 2013

Goals! Goals! Goals!

Fall's here...can Halloween and Thanksgiving be far behind?   There's not too much color in my yard but I did get a couple pictures...

And I have let my herbs go to seed...

I figured that since it is already October 3rd, I'd better get my goals posted.   It's funny, I have found that when I post my goals online, I really do work to finish them.   Interesting...

1.   Lose 6 pounds
2.   Sort three boxes of my grandma's things
3.   Scan in documents
4.   Finish one gift
5.   Have two gifts halfway done
6.   Set up the shelves in the trailer
7.   Go through framed pictures
8.   Read every day
9.   Write every day
10.  Create every day

So how did I do with the September Goals?   Mixed.   I did lose 6 pounds, scanned in documents, finished one gift, have two (actually have three) gifts over halfway done, and I read, wrote and created every day.

I did not sort the three boxes of my grandma's things, nor did I go through the framed pictures or set up the shelves in the trailer.   They will be added to the October Goal list.   All in all, I did fairly well.  But, October's list is going to be longer.

1.  Lose 6 pounds
2.  Finish three gifts
3.  Secure storage unit
4.  Sort kitchen utensils - one set for kitchen, one set for trailer, donate the rest
5.  Clean out all storage areas in trailer and repack for travel
6.  Have three gifts halfway done
7.  Sort and pack books...donating at least 50%
8.  Read every day
9.  Write every day
10.  Create every day

Plus the three from September:
1.  Sort three boxes of my grandma's things
2.  Set up the shelves in the trailer
3.  Go through framed pictures

And the ongoing projects:
1.  Scan and notate pictures
2.  Scan documents

I'm posting early today because I have a busy afternoon and evening.   There's still a problem with the side panel, so I am going to continue to place the Weekly Journal Prompt in the body of my daily post...


Thanks for dropping in..
See you tomorrow...