Friday, October 18, 2013


Smells of harvest bring thoughts of family.

Take a walk and be open to simple pleasures along the way.
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I had lots planned for today -  finish sorting and packing books, grocery shopping, picking up more boxes, sewing another quilt top - and I did get most of it done, but not all.
You see, I was finishing up packing the books I am keeping...
Only six boxes of books (Boxes numbered 4 - 9).    Hey folks, that's down from sixteen boxes, most of which were bigger.   And here are some of the rest of the books ready for donation (actually there's a lot more but they are already in the car!)...
Speaking of packing, I not only label my boxes, but I keep a running list of what's in each box.   Not individual titles or individual knick knacks but general descriptions.
Anyway, while I was pulling out the last shelf of books, I found a paperback that I had not read.
Mostly I read mysteries, but I do like this author.   Her 'Fried Green Tomatoes At the Whistle Stop Cafe' was a great read and a great movie.   The book was short and I wondered what it was all about so I read a page...and that's all it took.
I had to read the rest of it.   It's one of those Southern Feel Good Weird Christmas Stories.    
I hope you have a great weekend and that the weather fits your plans perfectly.   You know what I will be!!!  (And packing, of course.)
Thanks for visiting...
See you on Monday...