Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One Christmas Present Done!!!

Smells of harvest bring thoughts of family.

Take a walk and be open to simple pleasures along the way.
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Two big accomplishments today...books and presents.   I've been sorting the rest of my books - I do have a lot - but a lot less than I used to have - AND I first decided to just pack them up.   Then I remembered that I did donate over half of my craft books.   
So I decided to take the rest of the week and really decide which are important enough to keep and which I don't mind letting go.   The result was that I took around 100 books to Goodwill today.   Not half, but a good beginning.

The other accomplishment, I finished one quilt completely.   And heaved a big sigh of relief because the fleece backs really work...

I tied the body of the quilt, but machine sewed the hem.   It took some time to pin everything, but because I took that time, everything worked well. 

I like it.   It's light and soft and comfortable.   What do you think?

Yesterday, I did sort and donate a lot of my fall things, but I did keep my favorites like this artisan made copper leaf...
It's about 12 inches tall and 7 inches wide.   It has both a way to hang on the wall as well as round feet to use on a table.

Exciting days in Washington, DC...all I can do is wonder...

Thanks for visiting...
See you tomorrow...