Monday, November 4, 2013

Another Round of Goals...

If you noticed, I have changed the Weekly Journal Prompt to a Monthly Journal Prompt - for this month only.   I think that being thankful is a life long journey.  But for this month with the Thanksgiving Holiday prominence, challenging ourselves to be specific about thankfulness seems appropriate.  

What do you think?   I hope you will take this to heart and, if nothing else, spend a few minutes each day being thankful.   I will be posting my list weekly.

Well, I promised to let you know how I did with my October Goals.
     Lose 6 pounds - Accomplished
     Finish 3 gifts  - Accomplished
     Have three gifts halfway done - Accomplished
     Sort and pack books donated 50%  - Accomplished and did better - donated 70%
     Secure storage unit - Accomplished
     Set up shelves in trailer - Accomplished
     Scan pictures and documents - Continuing
     Sort kitchen utensils - not done
     Clean out trailer storage and repack - Cleaned out, but not repacked - need to finish trailer first
     Sort three boxes of my grandma's things - not done
     Sort framed pictures - not done   

So what else did I accomplish last month?   Well, I finished packing all of the living room things and all of the everyday and seasonal decorations.   I took several loads of 'stuff' to Goodwill.   As a matter of fact, I took a very large load today - back, middle and front seats to the top.  

And I began to sort my studio as to what I am taking in the trailer and what I am packing.   I even packed all the fabric.  

By the way, I am only up to box 28.   And all the boxes are either book size (12 X 12 X 12) or small size (12 X 14 X 12)!!!  Remember, when I moved in I had well over 200 boxes and all of them larger than what I am using now.

I'll post my November goals tomorrow, but basically, they include getting it all done!!!!

I also read, created and wrote this past month.   Here's my latest...

I hope all of you are enjoying the gifts of November...gathering in, thoughts of thankfulness, wonderful soups and stews, nesting...

Thanks for spending some time here...
See you tomorrow...