Thursday, July 23, 2015


Time is an interesting construct.   The blog 'Uncluttered' had a post about finishing things called 'You Don't Need to Finish Everything You Begin' by Jeri Dansky.   It's main point was that you really don't have to waste your time finishing things you begin but do not care to finish.   Things like stop reading a book that doesn't interest you, or quit watching a movie or television show that hasn't drawn you in.

Me?   I think of all those WIP (Works in Process) projects that I find.   Why didn't I finish them? Well, in some cases, I simply lost interest.   Others, I wasn't quite sure how to proceed.   And yet others had major errors that I could not fix without a great deal of effort and time.

So it got me thinking about time.   Lao Tzu said 'Time is a created thing.'   And Eckhart Tolle said 'Time isn't precious because it is an illusion.'  I agree that time is a 'created thing', therefore an 'illusion' of some sort.

But, time is important because it allows us to understand how and on what we spend our life on, and yes, I do mean our life.   Because when it's all said and done, our life has a limited amount of length which we measure in time.  Thus how and on what we spend our life (time) does matter.

And, because our physical life here on earth is finite we really need to be as conscious of how we spend our time as we are with how we spend our money.   Most of us are not, though, including me.

I must say that as I get older, I am more aware that I have less time available to me than I did when I was, say 30 or 40.   But I still am not as conscious of the day to day time that slips by.   And maybe that's a good thing.   We all need down time.   Time to dream.   Time to read.   Time to just idle away time.

But at the same time, we do need to at least be aware of how we really spend our time and make sure that some part of it is spent on things we value.   What do you think"

I did promise that I would share some of my doodles with you, so here are a couple...

I'm still have problems with my photos...maybe taking pictures has also become 'WIP'!

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