Thursday, October 1, 2015


I did get out this morning and ran a few errands...full tank of gas in Lady J, picked up some cash and did a bit of shopping for important things coke and coffee!!!  Oh, and some batteries and a new flashlight.

This morning the path of Joaquin wasn't very set but this afternoon it looks like it may just brush by the coast leaving lots of water, surf and a fair bit of wind but not making landfall here which is just fine with me.  

I found out that if it does change and make landfall here abouts, my area is one that has to vacate...thus the full tank of gas and some cash.   Should be interesting with cats and birds in the car at the same time.   Noah????

It has been cold all day, quite breezy and very overcast...what sun?   I've been wearing a heavy sweatshirt all day.

And with it being so cold, I immediately went into my fall mode of cooking.   Fresh picnics were on sale so I have one in the oven along with some winter squash.   Instead of potatoes, my favorite go-to starch, I made some rice.  

Next, pea soup.   I would have made it earlier but I wanted a ham hock to season the soup. Sometimes I make it without any pork but it's going to be cold and rainy and I wanted a really rich, full-flavored soup this time.

I also need to make some more bread.   Finally ran out of bread today.   And some cookies.   Maybe another type of dessert...I told you I was in my fall mode of cooking.

Yesterday's relaxing day included finishing up my latest mystery book.   The State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy, the first in the White House Chef Mystery Series.   It has some great recipes including Henry's Famous Hashbrowns and Broiled Grapefruit.  I also finished rereading Lloyd Geering's book Reimagining God.  And no, it's definitely not fiction.

I have all of the block I created at the workshop last Friday sewed down.   I'm in the process of adding embellishments like buttons and beads.   I thought about ribbon but decided that the ribbon would be a bit much.  

The workshop was titled 'Zen Stitching' and it really is a meditation type of stitching...very relaxing. Not sure how relaxing it will be when I begin adding beads though...I'll let you know tomorrow.  And I will share a photo of the completed block.

I hope wherever you are, things are going well, the weather isn't treating you too badly and that you've had an enjoyable day.   Don't forget, football tonight.

Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you tomorrow...