Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Yes, the apartment is still a mess.   Like I said, it will be next week before I actually begin to get things organized.   I did have a great day today, though.   For some reason, the writer's block seems to have lifted.   So, I got a lot done on the book of meditations that I am writing.

One thing that probably helped was that while I was driving back and forth to/from Maine, I thought about both the contents and how I wanted to introduce the book.   Most of the trip I had no electronic devices on...no radio, iPod, iPhone, etc.   Quiet except for my thoughts and the wheels on the road.  It was a very positive experience.

The best thing was that I remembered all of it so I was able to sit down and write this afternoon after running a few errands and getting some exercise in.

I haven't begun removing the wall mounted organization area in my studio but I did pick up some spackle so I can fill in any holes.   The apartment complex managers left the left-over cans of paint in the apartment so I can even touch up the wall.   Nice.

The weather has been cool and breezy.   Sweatshirt and fleece vest was very much appreciated on my walk.   I ran across another sweet smelling rose, this one a pale yellow, but I forgot my phone so couldn't take a picture.   I did stop and smell the rose, though.

Lots more halloween decorations out in the neighborhood.   I expect that with Halloween on Saturday, there will be lots of trick or treaters out.   They even allow residents to trick or treat.   Several apartment doors even have Halloween decorations.  Me?  I only have the fall wreath.

Thing is, we will probably be back for Halloween but may be emptying out the truck and taking it back to the UHaul place.   Getting to know the route fairly well.

Do you realize that the countdown to Christmas has already begun? I guess it's a good idea to help folks focus on what they need to do. After all, the end of October is this Saturday which boggles my mind.   Where, oh where, did my little days go?  Oh where, oh where did they go???

I have been working on my Eye Candy Mini Quilts for the Holidays.   About half of them are completely quilted and several already have some embellishments.   I want to add more than beads but quite frankly, I can't find the rest of my stash of embellishments.   I will have to wait until I get the studio back in shape.   But I figure that I have until the middle of December before I mail them.

I hope you had a great day...

Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you tomorrow...