Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Well, today was a very, very windy day...windy and rainy and cool.   A good day for soup.   I didn't make soup but I did make an old standby.   Creamed chip beef over toast.   However, I used tuna instead.   Basically all I did was make a white sauce, add a can of tuna, some frozen peas and cheese. Served it over lightly buttered toast.  Actually, it's a very satisfying, filling and inexpensive meal.

Now that the end of October is almost at hand, I thought that an update on my Fall Goals was in order.

Work on the book of meditations - My writer's block finally lifted so I am back to writing.   As a matter of fact, I am now in the process of beginning to rewrite the book in HTML.   Not a favorite project but definitely suggested for Kindle.   Lot's left to do, but I feel much better about my progress.

Bring remainder of furniture down to NYC - Everything from Maine is here.   As soon as the piece from Beacon gets here this coming Saturday, I will begin rearranging.

Create a more permanent home/studio - Next week, I hope to have a great start on this one.

Decorate for fall - Done, but will change as the apartment is rearranged

Attend Quilter's Take Manhattan - Attended and had a great time.

Back to regular exercise - I'm doing better and getting in at least 15 miles a week but I want to increase that mileage.

Back to better eating - It will be easier once my youngest son moves out at the end of the week.

Lose five pounds each month - Going to make this goal this month

Join Craft Group at local Library - I found a needlework group that meets once a week at the Library for the Deaf in Manhattan.   They crochet, knit, weave, quilt, etc.   Going to give it a try next Monday. Also, I joined The Empire's Quilt Guild which is truly fun.

Learn GIMP - I have the manual downloaded and am slowly working my way through it.   Sometimes I feel like the guy with squiggly eyes as I go round and round trying to figure out what I have missed...usually something very simple.

Learn to juggle - This may be a lost cause, but I persist.

Gear up for long bike rides - This one is not happening yet.   And unless we have less windy days, it may have to wait until next spring.

Begin planning and creating gifts for the holidays - Yes, I have both the Eye Candy Mini Quilts and the fabric ornaments underway.

Continue exploring NYC - Of course, I plan on continuing these adventures but not this week.   Well, I will be going up to the Bronx for lunch on Thursday.

So how are your goals/plans/changes going?   I hope that you've had some success in achieving them. And, even more, I hope that those changes have had a positive effect for your life.

Oh, and are you ready for trick or treaters this year?  With Halloween landing on a Saturday, and a great weather report in my area, I think that it will be banner year.

That's all folks...
Thanks for stopping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...