Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Today I wound up staying at home waiting for a redelivery of an Amazon order which should have arrived yesterday...actually, three were supposed to arrive and only two did with three different delivery guys!!!   The third said that I wasn't at home!!!   Think there was something a bit funny about that.

Anyway, one of the ideas I wanted to try out this winter under my 'health' goal was to go 'bicycling' in the apartment using my bike.  So I purchased the equipment to turn my bike into a stationery one.   It was easy to hook up because I do not have a quick release.  I have even ridden it three times today!!!

I have had a stationery exercise bike before but it was no where as nice as this set up.   This is solid and comfortable.   My exercise bike was neither but then, it was very inexpensive.   I guess it's true that you get what you pay for.   This is one of two gifts I gave myself.

The other may seem a bit weird unless you know that I am a musician and have professionally played the piano and organ as well as other instruments.   I no longer have a piano and I really missed playing.   So...
...I purchased a keyboard for myself.   It's not the full compliment of keys but it does have 75 keys which is fine with me.   I have really enjoyed playing if I can only find my box of music!!!

The point here is that it is important care for yourself including giving yourself a treat now and then. I am not advocating going out and spending a lot of money all the time.   Something as small as a magazine, a paperback or even a piece of really delicious candy can be a wonderful treat for some.   It may even be giving yourself permission to take that cuppa and sit quietly in the garden, or at this time of year looking out at the garden and dreaming about the spring.

If you always give to others at the expense of yourself, your well will run dry.   You need time to give to yourself...time doing what you want to do.   You need to find an activity that you enjoy doing as a treat.   Window shopping.   Going to the library.   Talking to a friend.   Etc.

You know, one of my favorite activities is to visit thrift stores.   Most of the time I don't purchase anything but it's fun to go on a treasure hunt to see if there is a pearl that fits a need.

Want to know when I visit?   It's when I have a box or five of things I am donating to drop off .  For the most part, I don't have anything I am looking for but every once in a while something will jump out at me and I realize it's perfect for my place.   Like the large round footstool that I have placed between the two wingback chairs.   It's perfect!   And cheap!

So the next time you feel overwhelmed and just want to go hide from everyone and everything.   Remember to give yourself a gift of whatever you need.   It will help you on those insanely wild days that all of us experience.

Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you tomorrow...