Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Today was 'back to business' day...in other words, back to my routine of exercise, walking (even though it was rather cool outside) and generally getting things done.

I received the boxes today, so de-decorating (Is that a word?  Un-decorating didn't seem to fit!) Christmas stuff began in earnest.   Tree first, sadly, I miss the lights.   I have a couple strands of twinkle lights encased in heavy duty plastic which I am thinking of hanging somewhere.   Maybe around the window casing.   Not sure yet.

Seem a bit much?   Well, I have seen lots of apartments decorated with lights lately.   I was just thinking of duplicating one - with lights, that is.

I have been hearing a lot about face to face connections, connecting and today's lack of doing so even with own selves.

It is a good point.   I think as a whole, we get together, face to face, a lot less these days.   On the other hand, we are connected more via our social media.   Face to face is not to be under-rated though.   I think that there something to be said about sitting down with one another and chatting.

Of course, if that's not possible due to distance, etc., then a live video chat is a pretty good second best.

But with all the other social media connections like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Linked In, and that list is not up to date by any means, a lot of folks really do connect that way only.  Life in 140 characters.  In-depth is not encouraged!

And that even goes for our own personal connection with ourselves. How many folks really take the time to sit down and think about who they are, where they are going, what their hangups are...in other words get to know that person that's you!

I think we are missing something valuable by not connecting with one another.   AND I think we are missing something valuable by not connecting with ourselves.   What about you?  

Well, this week's journal prompt which I neglected to post yesterday (sorry) is a start on that journey by 'connecting with yourself'.   Give it a try.   I bet you'll like who you meet up with...

Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...