Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The tree is down!!!   It's a pre-lite tree and in one small area the lights went out.   So, I wrote a note reminding myself to get a small set of white lights for next year.  

The good news is that I have pared down the tree ornaments to one bin...a large one...but still only one.   When I began, there were two large bins and three other banker boxes.   Now there's only one large bin.  And, there is even room to lay some of the wall hangings on top of the ornaments.   Good news all around.

Chip and Dale seem to be upset about the tree going down.   I have had to shoo them away several times.   Unfortunately, they have managed to snack on the tree (I did remind you that it's an artificial one, didn't I?) several times...and then go into the bedroom and well, you know, present me with the snack in a far different form!!!

I even have room in the tree box for several items.   At the rate I am going, I will have far fewer Christmas decoration boxes to store. Don't worry, I'll still have a ton of things to bring cheer at Christmastime.

I have a couple more tags to share...
I like the tag on the right.   It's a bit different from any of the others.

So, have you been 'connecting with yourself'?   I have been spending time thinking about, well, just about everything.   Not necessarily in terms of plans and goals and dreams.   More about me and what I really think about the important things in my life.  

Yes, part of that is what am I here for?   Not in the way of planning to do whatever I decide that I am here for but more in the way of that song from 'Alfie'.   Remember?   'What's It All About...?'  

Getting a bit deep in the woods here?   Well, sometimes one has to stop and consider life, their life.  I haven't really done any journaling about it yet, but I sure am thinking.  

This weekend I plan on sitting down with an empty piece of artist's paper and see what happens.   Just going to let my mind drift until something happens.   Course, that may take some time!!!

Well, that's all for now...
Thanks for dropping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...