Monday, April 4, 2016


It was nice to have family and friends over on Saturday.   Turned into very a relaxing day.   Sure am happy that I doubled the recipe for the egg bake, though.   There was exactly one slice leftover for my Sunday Brunch.

And speaking of Sunday, the wind was horrific.   I thought the trees in the park were going to break because they were either bending so low or whipping back and forth so fast.   And you could just feel the temperature drop.

Of course, the winter jacket came out for Sunday...and today...and tomorrow!   Guess winter wasn't/isn't quite ready to give it up to spring!

Although, I saw tons of trees with blossoms the latter part of the week.   And I saw hyacinths blooming as well as the other typical spring flowers.

Today has been cold, wet, dark and windy.   A good day to stay in my pj's and just relax.   Oh, I did the normal things like feed the critters, make the the beds, straighten the house and wash dishes but that's the extent of my working.

Mostly, I have read, caught up with my podcasts, worked on a puzzle, gone through and answered my e-mails and just breathed.

In case you haven't noticed, this month's thought is 'Just Be' and this week's journal prompt is 'Slow down and breath'.   Maybe this is a good time for you to just sit and be.   Sometimes I think we all get too wound up in the verb 'do'.  I know I do.   And, that is a good thing, but like everything else, we can get too wrapped up in the 'doing' to forget the 'being'.

Just looked's doing something but I can't quite decide if it's rain, snow, slush...maybe I'll be lucky and it will all be a figment of my imagination (but I don't think so.)!

I have been doing a little bit of barnstorming (I wonder how that phrase came to mean how we use it now?) about focus groups for the Empire Quilter's Guild.   I looked at some of the groups they have had in the past and liked the ideas.  

I have been making a list of idea including new ones.   So far I have:   A crazy quilt block, simple horizontal cut landscapes, rug mugs, cloth folder to carry fabric projects like the one below except with pockets designed to carry fabric projects, tote bag,  scrap fabric blocks using tulle, actually, my list is kind of long.   I was even thinking about creating some round robin groups.

I know I will have to recruit several members to lead groups and in that case I will need to see what they want to do.   But, I do want to lead one of my own so I need to get the list ready and samples made up.   Good thing it doesn't begin until next fall.

In case I haven't mentioned it, I will have a very busy summer...but more on that later.

I hope all of you had a great weekend, rested well and are geared up for the week...
Sorry to all you folks who are experiencing winter in in lots of snow...
Thanks for dropping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...