Thursday, June 9, 2016


I've been away for a couple of days...but I'm back.   On Tuesday, I did manage to get to the dentist to see about a lost crown.   Long story short.   Dentist can't figure out how the previous dental office even put a crown on!   Or, part of the tooth was lost when the crown came off.  Result.   Remove the rest and put in an implant instead.  $$$$$  And I spent lots on the tooth and crown a couple of years ago.!!!

It was an interesting trip.   All the dentists in my area had way too many bad reviews so I went to one that was about 84 blocks away, an easy subway trip.   It was supposed to be only 82 degrees.  I decided to take the train to the dentist and walk back.   Well, when I got out of the subway at the dentist office, it was 90 degrees other words, hot and sunny!!!

Afterwords, I figured that walking in that heat would get the best of me so I took the subway back, along with all the school kids.   When I got off the subway, back in my area, it was cold and raining!!!  Go figure!

Then Tuesday evening, one of my children and I watch the returns and talk...yes, I am a political junkie.   It was very, very late Wednesday morning before I went to bed.

Wednesday, as you know, is my day to skype with friends for a couple hours.   After our conversation was over, I sat down to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee, picked up a novel (A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Mystery by Anne Perry.   It's a very interesting mystery series set in Victorian England.) and that was it for the rest of the day.

So now you know why I didn't post on those days.

So, today it is cool and sunny with clouds rolling in and out.   Cool is the operative word here.   I am wearing a hoodie to stay warm.   I refuse to close the windows because it is so refreshing.

I was reading a blog this morning about simple living and spring house cleaning.   Do you 'spring house clean'?   I remember my mom cleaning the dickens out of our home every spring.   I could see why she wanted to air out the blankets and wash the scatter rugs.

But, for the life of me I could not understand why she wanted to wash the walls and the windows.   Mainly, everything was clean,   And it seemed a bit excessive especially when all the dust and dirt would be coming in during the summer.

Now, my grandma, she had to spring house clean.   Know why?   Well, she had a old coal furnace first and then later on an old oil furnace.   Do you know what that does to the walls and just about every piece of furniture.   It leaves a sooty, oily layer on every surface.

So spring house cleaning for her was really necessary.   Walls, woodwork, windows, furniture all had to be cleaned and all the bedding, rugs, curtains needed to be washed.  And then for good measure, she added a layer of shellac or varnish on some of the furniture to make it shiny - without removing the previous layers. And yes, I did say layers.   You would stick to it if it was hot outside!!!!

Now, for me, I do fall house cleaning.   With the windows open, all the dust and pollen comes barreling in all summer long.   I dust and shake out the rugs and blankets to try to keep it down somewhat.   But, I love those open windows.   For the most part, I don't even use ac unless it is extremely hot and humid.   Then I put it on in the bedroom.

But spring house cleaning?   No, it seems a fruitless exercise in the spring.  Fall, yes, when the windows close then it's time to clear out all that dust and pollen and get ready for winter.   Now, that's my time for 'spring house cleaning' the fall.   Besides, then I can decorate for the season of orange which, afterall, is my favorite season of the year.

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