Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Well, my exercising yesterday left me with a sore back. Truth be told, it already had a twinge or two but now that twinge has become a TWINGE!!  So, no exercise today other than with the normal activities.

And today that seems to be stuffing stockings along with laundry and kitchen cleanup.  I have finished stuffing 91 stockings so far. I thought it would be easier...in all probability I am over thinking it.  You know, what toy goes with what stuffie or hat or on and on and on.  I finally have enough stuff for at least 20 more baby stockings.

After taking inventory of everything I have, I think I will run out of stockings and draw string bags before I run out of stuff. Actually, that's a nice problem to have. I don't think I will have time to make anything more so I may have to find some decoration to put on zipbags. I thought about wrapping them, but I know the organizations want the ability to look inside...and beside that may take too long.

My to-do list included taking down the fall flower arrangements (they are not real).  When we moved in, there were radiator covers in the living room and dining room. We finally got smart enough to realize that with no venting, they were blocking the heat. Off they came.  Both are in the stairway hallways...just long enough to fit beautifully...one on the main floor and one on the bottom floor.

Well, looking in the hallway on the mainfloor, it looks nice, unless you go downstairs and see the empty unfinished side. Back to the flowers.  I decided to make a big arrangement inside the cover. The cats can't get to it and it looks nice and BONUS I don't have to pack them away!!!  Makes going downstairs a bit nicer.  The one on the bottom floor is up against a wall, so no problem.

I still haven't been able to do any creative projects and that is frustrating. But with all the donations there simply isn't any room.  The faster I finish stuffing, the faster I can deliver things and then I can reclaim my studio...soon...very soon...I hope!

Thanks for visiting...
Hope your staying warm (or cool)...
Talk with you tomorrow...