Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Staying positive does not
mean that things will
turn out okay.
Rather it is knowing
that you will be
okay no matter how
things turn out."


I think that does sum things up.  We will be okay when this is over.  Things will have changed but that's okay.  Maybe some of our norms needed to be changed!  It will be fun and interesting to see how things shake out after this coronavirus is over...which may be years rather than months.

I have been working on the mini-newsletter for the guild as well as tele-conferencing with folks from Monday's Craft Group.  It was nice to see and talk with all the folks.

I haven't had time to work on crafts today but I hope that I may have time to work on more covers for my journals this evening.  I took some time over the past few days to look at journal videos and I think mine are very different from many of them.  I like all of the journals, but am a bit partial to mine.

That's all for now...
Talk with you tomorrow...