Monday, March 29, 2021

Completed Journal Pages...

 I have been watching the trial from Minnesota.  The opening arguments were strong for the prosecution.  The defense seemed to be a bit weak relying only on reason.

The weather here is quite nice.  Sunny and warm but not 80 degrees as last Saturday.  High today is in the high 50's...tomorrow in the high 60's.

I have finished the journals and placed them into signatures...six altogether.  Here are pictures of the first two signatures.  I pulled the little booklets out of the pockets for a more complete view.

Signature One:

You can see in this signature that the last page is unique in that the notebook is pulled down, not up and that there is a catch to hold it in place.

Signature Two:

The page that is up (a piece of fabric paper) is a place to hold things for the person journaling. This occurs in two places in this signature.  The second picture is also a piece of fabric papers.

I plan on using three signatures per journal book.  Six would make it way too big to work in, so three it is.  I sewed the signatures together but haven't decided on how to put the signatures together.  Stay tuned on that front.  Tomorrow, I will share two more signatures.

That's all for today...

See you tomorrow...