Friday, March 26, 2021

Finally, An Appointment...

Good news!  I have an appointment for a Johnson & Johnson vaccine a week from today!

Course, I have to drive 216 miles to the location but at least I have an appointment.  One of the frustrations for me is that eleven miles away, there is Johnson & Johnson vaccine available but there is no personnel to give the shots!

So, I went out this morning to make sure that the metal bed frame would work...unfortunately, it won't.  Because of the shape of the front of Duchess - an outward horizontal v-shape - I have to build the bed with the legs off center a bit.  I went out and picked up the wood I needed this afternoon so I can begin tomorrow.

Guess what the temperature was....80 degrees!  80 degrees and sunny.  It's time to stop wearing the flannel pants and sweatshirt and don jeans and t-shirts!

My weekend plans include no guild work, but reading and working in Duchess.  I am really looking forward to that.  What about you?  Are you going to have a relaxing weekend?  I hope so.  

And for those who celebrate Passover, I wish you a Happy Passover.  And Sunday marks Palms Sunday for many and the beginning of the pilgrimage to Easter.  May you experience a joyous and meaningful week.

See you on Monday...