Thursday, March 25, 2021

Guild and Duchess

I would say it was almost hot today!  Can't believe how fast things turned around from cold and wet to warm and hot!!!

So the guild meeting was good and at least two folks have volunteered to fill positions.  Still need lots more because I really do not want to take on the presidency for another year.  This one wore me out.  

Course, I don't think things will be as time/effort consuming down the road when we meet in-person but that won't be until January 2022!  We shall see!

I did a lot of reading today...and resting.  No guild work until Monday.  Then I need to organize everything from the past three meetings of the guild and begin looking for presenters and hopefully, some volunteers.

I was going to purchase wood to make the bed in the trailer but wood is so expensive, I looked online for metal bed frames and found several as much as $30 cheaper than buying the wood and much lighter.  And sturdy...up to 1200 lbs!  So that is the way I am going to take care of the bed.  Also, they are 14 inches high...just right for a couch when you add the mattress.

Going to take measurements tomorrow to make sure that it fits where I want it to.  Also ordering the wallpaper for the front of the trailer and the subway tile for around the kitchen area.  They should lighten things up.

That's all for now...

See you tomorrow...