Friday, March 5, 2021

Duchess & Weekend Plans

Wow!  It's already Friday.  I keep asking where did the week go?  But I did get a lot done this week...not as much as I wanted, but enough.

So what are your plans for the weekend?  I need to finish the guild newsletter and send it out either Saturday or Sunday.  I am about 85% done, and the other two articles are ready to add, just need to get approval.

I have been investigating batteries for Duchess among other things.  After going down the rabbit hole of the internet, I found out that the obviously best batteries are the Lithium ones.  Well, they are out of my price range right now.  But the really interesting thing is that the acid deep cycle marine type batteries are not that great at cycling with full power.  So many places recommend either the cheapest acid deep cycle batteries or better yet, the golf cart batteries (even cheaper) because they actually cycle better.  One caveat, you have to remember to make sure the batteries have water.

From there I looked at screen 'porches' for Duchess, inexpensive and DIY, if possible.  I like the idea of using the garage magic mesh magnet screens...easy, inexpensive and doable.  And they actually limit the amount of water that gets in.  Now, these are attached by velcro strips.  I have a couple hand sewing machines.  So, I think that once I put the velcro strip on my awning, I could take the added step of sewing it on so that it would stay longer than using only the adhesive.  And now that I am not going to spend a ton on batteries, I can use that money for the magic mesh magnet screens!

Both of those ideas are down the road.  This weekend?  Well, I want to continue going through my old fabric stash as well as looking for a couple spring quilt crafts to include in the next newsletter.  And read...I have a lot of books stacked up ready to read from FreeBooksy.  One free one a day through Amazon...believe me, they add up.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Be sure to take time for yourself...

Talk with you on Monday...