Thursday, March 4, 2021


Well, although the capital is on alert,  so far it looks like nothing is happening.  Guess the idea of the loser taking over on the older inaugural date isn't going to happen.  (Note: That date was changed eons ago!)

How do these weird stories get started anyway.  I mean, the aliens, run by leftist Jews, sending down rays to start the fires in California?

I can't imagine any clear thinking adult believing these far right stories.  But then who would have expected the talking points on one station to be Dr. Seuss and Mr./Mrs. Potato Head?  By the way, what gender is a potato?

Looks like we are headed for a few more cold days - in the mid 30's and then in the 60's.  Hope that is the end of really cold weather.  There is still snow on the ground but only a couple inches thick in some places and none in others.  A few more sunny days in the 60's and it should be completely gone.

I finished and filed my taxes this morning so that is out of the way for another year.  Don't really enjoy doing it but it's one of those things. -  death and taxes!!!!  If I could, I would have someone else do it but that costs money and not something I want to spend my money on.

The rest of the day is going to be spent on guild work and going through my fabric stash.  Now that I have a place that will take any fabric, I am going to get rid of about 3/4's of it.  A good deal is both older and not especially nice.  The larger pieces of upholstery fabric I will keep in case I need it for Duchess.

Hope you are enjoying your that the taxes are done, mine is looking up!!!

Talk with you tomorrow...