Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A Little of This and A Little of That...

I need to transfer more photos from my old computer to my new one!

So, the day began with lots of bright sunlight.

I woke up early but read instead of getting going.  When I finally did, I just made a zoom meeting that I forgot about...only two minutes late.

Then I hosted another zoom meeting for two hours this afternoon.  Again, it was still bright and sunny although I kept getting severe storm warnings. 

About half way through the meeting the weather changed.  It got dark enough for lights, and then the rain poured with the punctuation of thunder.  Some folks on the zoom meeting had hail also!  By the end of the meeting the sun returned but the temperature dropped quite a bit!

I have one more zoom meeting this evening.  Do you ever feel like Zoom is running your life? I have had eight meetings this week already and I still have four left to go through Friday!  And some of them are several hours long.

On the plus side, I am getting more folks to volunteer for the guild, thankfully.  My aim is to have one more position filled this week either for a meeting slot and a committee chair.

I worked in Duchess yesterday and got quite a bit done.  My aim is to have my daybed frame done and reposition a cabinet this week.  I would like to get a start on the shelf over the wheel wells but that may wait until next week.

I also want to finish sorting my fabric this week.  At this point, I only have two cubes to go so I think that is possible.  The back seat area of my truck (it's big) is full of fabric and I have two more bins, three bolts and at this point five paper bags full of fabric.  Yes, I am getting rid of a lot of my fabric!

Well, not much new other than I am now doing a ten minute mile!!!

See you tomorrow...